Taking Care of Business with Dan Tratensek Podcast!

As you all know, Mister Oswald spent his career in the pages of Hardware Retailing magazine, though it was titled Hardware Retailer in the early days of the strip. Dan Tratensek is the publisher of Hardware Retailing, and it was a great honor and pleasure to sit down with Dan for his podcast, Taking Care of Business with Dan Tratensek. The podcast focuses on the hardware industry, but Dan wanted to give his listeners a peek into the lighter side of things, with a wonderful 30 minute discussion about our favorite comic strip hardware retailer. I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I did being a part of it!

To give a listen to the podcast, please click on the link below. Enjoy!

Rob Stolzer has been collecting original comic strip and cartoon artwork for over 40 years. He has written numerous articles for Hogan's Alley, the CFA-APA 1506 Nix Nix and other journals. Stolzer teaches art at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where he teaches Drawing, Figure Drawing, Graphic Narration, Illustration, and Painting.

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